LUSAKA:– At least two people have been burned to death in Zambia during riots targeting Rwandan-owned shops over allegations that foreigners were behind a string of ritual killings, police said Wednesday. The violence erupted earlier this week in slum areas of the capital Lusaka after the recent murders of at least seven people, whose body parts such as ears, hearts and penises had been removed. Hundreds of residents stoned houses and shops owned by foreign nationals, with some foreigners seeking refuge at police stations as looters took food, drinks, refrigerators and other electrical appliances.–AFP

"The official number of people who have died from the time the looting started is two. These are the ones who were burned to death on 18 April 2016 in Kanyama," police spokeswoman Charity Chanda said in a statement.

Police said 62 shops had been looted, but they were unable to confirm the nationality of Monday's victims, who were burned with firewood and vehicle tyres.