The incumbent government is about to complete its fourth fiscal year with a distinction in terms of micro and macro economic stability and improvement in economic growth. The economic growth rate of over 4 percent and reduction in fiscal deficit from 8.2 percent to 4.6 percent in last three years are the most distinguishing features of economic development of Pakistan. Global economic institutions have recognised the achievements of Pakistan in economic field.

No doubt, there is room for improvement but in view of problems faced by Pakistan internally and externally, the 5 percent expected growth rate in current financial year would be highest in the last nine years. Though the ongoing war against terrorism has plunged the country into disaster in terms of economy and security yet the operation Raddul fassad in continuation of operation zarb-e-azb has made this country secure for FDI. Mega projects like CPEC have offered an opportunity to Pakistan to connect the region economically playing the role of a regional power. The only hurdle Pakistan is facing in becoming regional power is the long standing issue of Kashmir. The decades old Kashmir issue can not be resolved until India chose the way of table talks. We also have to play our role as proud citizens of this pure land. Our responsible attitude can bring many social changes leading to sustainable economic development.


Lahore, April 19.