“Everybody’s worried about stopping

terrorism. Well there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it”

–Naom Chomsky


16th December 2014 started off as a day normal as ever. Every mother awoke their child up for school and the children set off to make their mark in the world. The city of Peshawar however, had other things in mind.

A violent turn of events, a group of horrendous men adorned with beards and bloodthirsty weapons set off too, their motives opposite to what the young minds held. There was a clash among the two, the aspiring future and the gruesomely brutal past. The walls of the Army Public School of Peshawar were tarnished with splotches of red and the essence of undeservedly forced sacrifice spread soon after. Termed as an attempt spilling with cowardice, yet managed to shatter Pakistan right to the core.

I discreetly remember a reporter asking a close relative of one of the massacred child, “Have you not found the body of your child?” and the man replied incredulously all the while being tremendously shocked at the absurdity of the question, “Yes I have received the body, it’s in the hospital. But what am I supposed to do with it, should I be thankful that the head wasn’t severed?” and broke into cries of anguish and utter helplessness. News spread and soon after, a mother kissed her child in a sorrowful trance, thanking the lord that she did not send him to school that day.

Politicians condemned, promises and tributes were made and yet here we are now, in 2017, silent as ever and almost asleep, possibly waiting for another turn of events to wake us up again.