Fruits provides energy and enthusiasm to the protoplast on the surface. Berry also has a linkage to the fruit family which is a part of a plant containing seeds, in taste and smell. The young once like fruits cocktail, fruit salad and berries juices.

Berry is a small juicy fruit that grows on a bush. There are various kinds of berries. Some of which are eaten by human beings others by birds and animals. Generally birds feed berries and nuts in winter, as they grow in abundance. A legend go gathering berries.

Among them six kinds are commonly used.

1)      Straw berries: They are red fruit with very small yellow seeds that grows on a low size plant such as straw berry plant. Young once like them to eat pleasurably. It has a vitamin C, potassium, manganese, magnesium, fiber etc. It has no seed but have tissues to grow. It grows in district Sukkhar Pano Akil, Sindh. Its season is short and from December to April every year.

2)      Black Berries: A small soft black wild fruit that grows on a bush with thorns in garden, yards and often in bungalows. In the foreign countries grow out side. Their juices are also used in different food stuffs.

3)      Rasp Berries: They are small dark red soft sweet fruit that grows on bushes. The masses and young once like them very much for their juices as rasp berries juice.

4)      Blue Berry: A dark blue berry that grows on bushes in North America and be eaten.

5)      BilBerry: A small blue berry that grows on bushes on hills and woods Northern Europe and can be eaten. The bush is also called blue berry.

6)      The Goose Berry is the Eurasian plant. It is a small green fruit that grows on a bush with thorns. Its taste is sour and are usually cooked to make Jam, Jelly, Pies, Biscuits, Cakes and Candies etc.

The young once somewhere told that babies comes from under the goose berry bush.

All six berries are vital for human beings, birds and animals at large.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 21, 2018

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