ISLAMABAD   -     Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Mani met with Prime Minister Imran Khan at his residence late Friday night, highly placed sources informed The Nation Saturday. “PM had given highly important instructions and passed on directives to PCB chief regarding change in domestic cricket structure without wasting any further time. The PM made it very clear to the PCB chief that no such elements would be allowed in the PCB Governing Board, who are trouble makers and create hurdles in smooth functioning of the cricket affairs.” The sources said the PM ordered Mani to bring to task the conspirators and let the masses know, who the trouble-makers are and who doesn’t want Pakistan cricket to flourish. He made it very clear to Mani not to melt under any undue pressure and not to get blackmailed from any conspirator and told him that he wanted only improvement in Pakistan cricket structure and won’t comprise on anything less than that.