Indian Court acquitted the main suspects of Hindu far-right nationalists who were suspected in 2007 Samjhauta Express blast case which had left 68 persons dead, majority of them were citizens of Pakistan citing lack of evidence. This is a question mark on the Indian government and the Indian justice system when it comes to its commitment to fighting Hindu terror groups.

Post-attack, National Investigation Agency (NIA) India, after its investigations, had charged four men, linked to a Hindu far-right group Abhinav Bharat. Even, a leading suspect Aseemanand made a series of confessions to the courts admitting his role in the blast.

This travesty of justice is the result of not only years-long efforts by far-right groups to avoid taking responsibility for terror actions but also the current Indian government’s inclination to shield the groups sympathetic to its “Hindutva” agenda, thereby resorting to ‘go soft’ on the cases of “saffron terror”. The ‘timeliness’ of court verdict of their acquittal, during voting season, itself smacks towards political card playing to garner votes by the current regime of India. Hence, in the light of this exoneration, Muslim victims of terror cannot and should not expect justice in BJP’s rule.

While New Delhi has left no stone unturned in blemishing Pakistan’s image globally by terror perpetuation. After the Samjhauta acquittal, it would be difficult for India to look Pakistan in the eye and ask them tough questions about terrorism.


Gilgit-Baltistan, April 2.