Unfortunately, another horrendous incident took the lives of impeccable people in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Nearly 200 dead in Sri Lanka in coordinated bombing at churches and five star hotels on Easter Sunday. Not just Sri Lankans were the victim of this heartbreaking incident, but foreigners too who were staying in Hotels. This pathetic incident shows that Terrorism doesn’t have boundary or limitations. Terrorists neither see a church nor hotel, they just target people and stop them from the development and making fair relations.

Terrorism and these kinds of incidents are not in just one country, but Terrorism has become the 'tragedy of common'. The blast in one country has much effect on other countries. Like earlier, it was considered that blasts usually occur in Afghanistan. But after Afghanistan, Pakistan, US, France and now Sri Lanka, are facing such unfortunate incidents.

After the blast in Sri Lanka, every person in the country and other countries must be thinking that Muslims are responsible of this incident. Because, it is considered all over the world that just Muslims can do coordinated bombing. They don’t see that in Pakistan Muslims are also facing this decimating problem. Although, after the blast, Muslims in Sri Lanka have been protesting against terrorism.

The reason behind this attack could be discrimination in Sri Lanka. Due to race discrimination in Tamil, Catholic and Sinhalese ethnic groups, Sri Lanka is facing these kinds of problems from many years. According to the report, because of discrimination, 86 incidents of threat and violence occurred in Sri Lanka last year. Racism in country leads a country to underdevelopment.

Although, 10 days before the blast, police informed higher authorities regarding the threat in Sri Lanka, but they were  unable to stop this incident from happening.

As we know that terrorism is tragedy of common so it is the responsibility of every country to eradicate this issue before it destroys us. All countries collectively should make policies and strategies to cope up with this issue.

We, as Pakistanis and Muslims condemn this deadly incident and are with Sri Lankan people in their sorrow and sadness.