LAHORE  -  Funkyaar, a comedy YouTube channel founded by Ali Asghar and Mustafa Syed in November 2017, was aimed at giving laughter to public at large.

It was a casual idea but as people started enjoying humour, satire and mimicry, the two gentlemen started taking it seriously. Their versatility and captivating humour intrigued the audience to find out more about them and extract a few chunks of their personal life.

Funkyaar’s humour targets a spectrum of current affairs, social issues, puns and situations. The duo have often been compared with ‘Anwar Maqsood and Moin Akhtar’ however, the Funyaar’s rule this idea out saying they’re too small in this field to be compared with such great artistes.

In a brief encounter with The Nation, the duo talks about their journey and success. Following are the excerpts:

What made you realize that comedy is your calling?

Mustafa: Humour has been present in my extended family for generations and later it became my coping mechanism. The more stressed I am, the funnier I become.

Ali: Comedy is all around us and you just need the third eye to see it. I always had humour in me but Mustafa helped me open that third eye.

How long have you been in this field?

Although we have been producing humour ever since we remember, for school, college or office events, we seriously started working on it when we started our YouTube channel, Funkyaar in 2017.

What is your take on stand-up comedy in Pakistan?

We think our stand-up comedy has gone astray and become too slang-oriented and it needs to mature. In many comedy performances, we feel the comedy has been reduced to pre-fabricated insults aimed at each other, mostly their physical appearance.

What do you think of comedians who, in the name of humour, cross the line?

One of our missions is to eradicate the insult oriented comedy. Good comedy is what makes you all laugh together, not as an entity or individual’s expense. When you have a fan base, it is your responsibility to give them entertainment which is morally acceptable because you are leading, developing and nurturing their aesthetic taste.

Tell us something about your channel ‘Funkyaar’?

We target a spectrum of current affairs, social issues, puns and situations.  There’s a segment on the YouTube channel featuring ‘Funkyaar Reactions’ by ‘Manchala aur Diljala’.

The thing that most grabs the audience is the apparent difference between the well-defined personalities of the two chaps.

Manchala is an easy going, happy go lucky sort of person who has very little control on his words and actions and he expresses his points of view in a very extrovert manner.

Diljala, on the other hand, is a much more composed and sober sort of bloke who is often unable to digest his friend’s remarks.

Social media gives more liberty to stand-up comedians. How do you use it?

Social media has definitely bridged the gap between performers and audience but it doesn’t mean that any of these fields have become easier. As it has become easier to get on the stage, so has the competition risen and the audience is much in command; now we have more abrupt acceptances and rejections.

Content and art is still the one most important pre-requisite for success. Yes, exceptions are there when one gets a jackpot of instant fame through being at the right place at the right time.

We are learning to be agile and connected with the current real life happenings.

Would you like to tell us about your upcoming projects?

Apart from running the usual segments on our YouTube channel, we have been commissioned by an academic magazine to feature social issues emphasizing the education scenario in Pakistan.