ISLAMABAD - China’s support to Pakistan, extended on govern­ment and private-level to fight COVID-19, was a testimony of the two countries’ true friendship.

It was noted that in the recent days, there has been generous support from the Chinese side to Pakistani brothers and sisters. Although the Chinese government and people are themselves fighting against COVID-19, they are still trying their best to help Pakistan, said Chinese schol­ar Cheng Xizhong in an article carried by Gwa­dar Pro App.

Prof. Cheng added, that in the fight against the pandemic, Pakistan has received the most as­sistance from China. Pakistan’s NDMA said that up to now, China’s anti-pandemic assistance ac­counts for 80% of the total Pakistan has received from the world.

It is remarkable that in addition to the efforts of the Chinese government, medical aid from Chi­nese enterprises, NGOs, social organizations and common people are flowing into Pakistan con­stantly, which fully shows that China-Pakistan friendship is deeply rooted in the two peoples.

Recently, China’s Beijing Lianxin Charity Foun­dation donated a batch of medical materials to the Embassy of Pakistan, Beijing, including 20,000 disposable gloves and 3000 protective face shields worth more than $3 million.

The China Red Cross provided anti-epidemic materials worth ¥4.56 million to Pakistan.