Poliovirus in Pakistan


Poliovirus is still alive in Pakistan which is catergorised as an antiviral infection for the children under five years. Currently, the health authorities in the country and finding it difficult to deal with a sudden spike in the number of coronavirus patients, on the other hand, several new cases of poliovirus have been reported in Pakistan that are worsening the current health authorities.

Recently three boys have been paralysed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province taking up the current year’s tally to 36. Pakistan has been a long time working to eradicate poliovirus but unfortunately, the health authorities became failed to find a cure for polio. Each time the children under five years are vaccinated and cases are steadily increasing. I request the concerned authorities to strengthen every health sector to fight against the eradication of poliovirus.




Coronavirus and poverty


Coronavirus becomes a huge problem in the world because it has been destroying and demands the economic of developing countries, poor and low economy countries like Pakistan. While more than 5,700 people globally have died and more than 152,400 inflections have been confirmed in dozen of countries. According to the world health organization, more than 195 countries corona virus have been being spread. Moreover, Pakistan has been suffering from this disease because of that Pakistan government decided to lockdown the cities and places of Pakistan which is a wonderful decision taken by PTI but it is clear that more than 50 lac people are working without being government jobs, like workers shopkeepers and taxi drivers who works all the day to feed their families but because of this decision they are facing a huge problem. So my main purpose to take the attention of the government to pay attention to those needy peoples.




Temptations of marriages in younger age


The point, I am presenting to you today is the temptations of mind-blowing marriages among young students and teenagers of the community. The temptations have increased so much in the society that their parents prevent it. Are not doing so well.

Students from Schools, Colleges, and Universities do not enough loyalties so easily get think of married temporarily at such a young age. This is not a doll game. Students who indulge all these things, Brainstorming other students who are good and well to do, also dream of marriage which, is totally wrong. Look at your heart and mind that the glasses you wear in your eyes are completely wrong. Standing in front of the mirror and said to yourself. Where are you? Every single day in Colleges and Universities students get heartfelt to each other.

The request and messages sent to Facebook and Instagram easily. Whole day and night waiting for each other that the message will come now. How is the mind made up of? Then just go throw away the light of our parents who have suffered so much after their marriages. It cannot marry only the name of love but also the name of responsibility. In earlier time’s girls used to be unemployed husbands and eat two- time bread is enough for her just for the respect of her parents.

But now, it is not the time you will stay in the house for two days. She left you in two seconds because, in today’s modern era, mostly girls are educated, their minds are matured. The real thing works, do not go to the eyes and good looks. It just an exhibition for a few days . Which is constantly happening in educational institutions. Improve your self from within, understand your responsibilities, set your goals in life, what to do next? And how to grow? Set your goals for the life of incoming girls.

One thing remember is to, have a good education, to think positively and make a vision board that motivates you and gives you energy, to keep your past clean, to be sure to get all, that you might not have imagined in life. If you spend time just crush on his or her. You will get nothing but remorse. Keep your past clean and clear, so that there will be no stain on the next step which is very rare. Those who get married at a young age, soon after they get nervous then they try to run away and then take on the responsibilities of children.

And as a result, domestic responsibilities make the girl earn herself or live in the kindness of others. The message will certainly be conveyed to other students who’s the mind has been distracted and will lead them to improvement.




Don’t stop your work


Zoom, a video conferencing app has become essential for all businesses worldwide during the hard times of the ongoing pandemic. Video conferencing is how everyone is holding meetings these days. Be it an official business meeting or school lectures, zoom has become the must-have app for everyone.

All this though happened overnight. As the virus spread all of a sudden, businesses and schools found themselves shutting down to curb the spread. Now as there is no cure or vaccine prepared as of yet, businesses and schools are to remain shut indefinitely. But does that means work stops? No. Why? Because there’s zoom and it has made remote working easier accessible.