SCCI slams electricity loadshedding in industrial estates

PESHAWAR - Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry has expressed grave concern over electricity loadshedding in industrial estates particularly in Small Industrial Estate Kohat Road Peshawar. The issue was raised during a meeting with SCCI President Engineer Maqsood Anwar by a delegation of small industrialists led by the president of Small Industrial Estate Kohat Road Peshawar, Arif Waheed Awan here at the Chamber House on Monday. The SCCI chief said the all government, private institutions, commercial centres and industries were mostly shut down due to ongoing lockdown to contain the spread of novel Covid-19 (coronavirus), ensuing in reduced electricity consumption. Whereas, he continued, PESCO was carrying out power outages in industrial estates, which was incomprehensible. Maqsood Anwar went on to say that limited industries were kept operational by authorities concerned in wake of lockdown in the province. But, he said it was making difficult to run factories in Small Industrial Estate Kohat Road Peshawar because of the ongoing electricity loadshedding. The chamber’s president said power outages from 4 to 6 hours for industrial and commercial consumers was worrisome and unacceptable to them. He furthermore maintained the industrial estates had been exempted from electricity loadshedding by Pesco.

Rupee strengthens by 8 paisas against dollar

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistani currency recovered 08 paisas in the interbank on Monday against US dollar to close at Rs163.49 against the last closing of Rs163.57. However, according to Forex Association of Pakistan, the buying and selling rates of dollar in open market were recorded at Rs160.5 and Rs162.5 respectively. The State Bank of Pakistan reported that in interbank, the price of Euro appreciated by 89 paisas to close at Rs178.10 against the last day’s trading of Rs177.21. The Japanese yen remained stable at Rs1.51 whereas an increase of 56 paisas was witnessed in the exchange rate of British Pound which was traded at Rs204.23 as compared to its last closing of Rs203.67. The exchange rates of Saudi Riyal and Arab Emirates Dirham depreciated by 02 paisas each to close at Rs43.56 and Rs44.51 respectively.