LAHORE - Believe it or not A poor woman was running from pillar to post for the last four years to save the life of her teenage daughter, suffering a chronic disease after doctors of Services Hospital allegedly removed the girl's kidney during an operation. She has paid several visits to almost all the public hospitals of the city, and also offices of the secretary health and the chief secretary for treatment of her daughter and strict action against the doctors who removed her daughter's kidney but to no avail. The victim girl, Shemaila Atta, 15, daughter of a rickshaw driver Attaullah visited first time a private clinic on September 6, 2005 when she complained a minor pain in her abdomen. Attaullah was resident of 9/56-A1, Street no 6, (Sadaat Street), Zerar Shaheed Road, Alfaysal Town. The clinical investigations of revealed the girl normal. Her both kidneys were also reported normal in an ultrasound report. She visited another private medical center when she felt pain again. "In the Obstetric Ultrasound Examination her both kidneys are normal", reveals the investigations of the said private medical center. The story of her agony, however, started when the girl once again felt pain and was taken to the Services Hospital on September 26, 2008 where in the start the doctors allegedly mishandled the case of the girl while showing acute negligence. She was discharged after a major surgery following a gyne related disease. Sometimes after she felt pain again and was rushed to the Services Hospital where she underwent another major operation on April 14, 2006. The patient, however, could not recover from the disease as she was again operated on April 19, only four days after her second surgery. Soon after the third major surgery of Shamial Atta, the doctors felt something wrong and immediately informed the hospital authorities about some mistake. In order to conceal 'serious negligence', the doctors had committed in the three major operations of the girl, the then administration of the hospital suggested to hush up the matter and decided to keep the victim's mother in dark about the normal disease that had been converted into chronic one. The hospital management later advised the ill-fated woman Ruzina Bibi to take her daughter to the Lady Willington Hospital for treatment, saying that the hospital was lacking basic equipment used in the operation of the girl. The woman later took her to the Lady Willington Hospital on July 4, 2006 where doctors conducted clinical investigations and also ultrasound of the girl. The report by this hospital that the girl was missing a kidney extremely shocked Ruzina and she raised hue and cry. In order to probe into the matter on the complaint of the woman, the hospital administration referred her daughter's case to the Mayo Hospital's urology department where investigations were again carried out. At that time the head of the department, Prof Dr Nawaz Chugtai also confirmed that the girl had only one kidney. On Ruzina's protest the doctors referred her daughter to the Lahore General Hospital (LGH) for further confirmation about the missing kidney. The victim woman became more disappointed when the LGH's concerned department also confirmed that the kidney was missing. When she requested the doctors for treatment of chronic disease of her daughter, they flatly refused her saying that they cannot take risk as the case of the girl was badly handled earlier. They suggested that the doctors of the Services Hospital who allegedly mishandled the case could only resolve mystery of the chronic disease. The dejected woman went back to the Services Hospital on August 30, 2008 and appealed the doctors to save the life of her daughter, as doctors of other public hospitals were not ready to take her daughter's case. In order to 'get rid' of the woman, the hospital doctors suggested her that there was no solution except to remove uterus of her daughter. They also advised her that her daughter could only conceive a child after marriage if she donates a specific part of her body to her daughter. As the terrified woman agreed to that, the doctors then made a new suggestion saying she would have to conceive a child first to ensure that her part was fully functional. After having pregnancy of four months the poor woman retuned to the doctors who then asked her to abort child so that they could operate her to get the sensitive part to implant it in her daughter's body. Meanwhile, the woman also took her daughter to a private senior gynecologist, former principal Fatima Jinnah Medical College who after thoroughly examining the case said that the doctors claim to remove the girl's uterus was rubbish as it (uterus) was functioning properly. She also told her that there is no need of implanting her sensitive part to her daughter. She said girl's uterus could be made functional by an operation. The story took a new twist when woman husband refused to get the child aborted saying it is a major sin to kill a human being. Ruzina told The Nation that after having lost all hopes, she went to secretary health to seek justice who straightaway declined to help her out. She then visited the office of chief secretary Punjab a few days ago and on failure in getting justice she, in sheer state of disappointment, took poisonous pills at the office of the chief secretary and fell unconscious. She was later rushed to the Mayo Hospital where doctors washed out her stomach. When contacted CS and secretary health Punjab were not available for comments.