ISLAMABAD - The government's failure to get its orders implemented regarding the sale of urea on a price not more than Rs 650 per 50 kg bag is pushing the already inflation stricken farmers to the wall. The urea fertilizer is being sold at the price of Rs 800 per 50 kg bag against the government's stipulated price of Rs 650 per 50 kg bag, which has increased the production cost of the farmers, already victim of industrialists' atrocities. The federal government has subsidized urea fertilizer to make it affordable for the farmers, but they are not the real beneficiaries of the subsidy and only industrialists and traders are getting benefit from it. All this is happening because government only makes policies and does not implement them. Government has banned hoarding of the fertilizers but traders are hoarding to create artificial shortage in the market, sources said. Government is providing subsidy on gas also that is substantially used for producing urea fertilizer, which further contributes to make its production cost effective. Given this backdrop, government has fixed the price of urea fertilizer Rs 625 per 50 kg bag, sources added. Rice and sugarcane crops have entered the stage where they badly need urea fertilizer for further growth and farmers hardly find it within their reach. A fiscal policy expert said that the current scenario portends further increase in inflation in the country as sugar prices would go up given the higher sugarcane input cost of the upcoming crop. So the farmers have only two options. Firstly, they should provide the required quantity of fertilizer to their crop and increase their input cost and secondly, they should use less than the required quantity to reduce their input cost. Either of the two options would lead to sugar crisis in the near future. So farmers are at the mercy of the federal government and it should direct the provincial governments to enforce its fertilizers price policy as the provincial governments are supposed to implement the policy, the sources further added. "The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry (MINFAL) is cognizant of the situation and has been pushing the Punjab and Sindh governments to regulate the price issue and deal the culprits with iron hand", one official said. According to traders, the supply of the urea fertilizers is not smooth and factories book the orders at the price of Rs 625 per 50 kg bag but they have to wait for at least 3 months for the delivery of the orders, as manufacturers have not increased their production. And if any one wants immediate delivery, they say, he has to pay extra money other than the stipulated price. "So traders cost does not stand at Rs 625 per 50 kg bag", a trader claimed. "Government needs to take severe action against the manufacturers as they are behind the inflationary price of the product", he said.