The operation Rah-e-Haq was started in Swat against militants after violations of the peace accord. The militants were found to be negating 9 out of 15 clauses of the agreement. It was, thus, essential to launch an operation against them. These so-called Islamic revolutionaries claim themselves to be torchbearers of a Shariah system but they are not because they have no knowledge of the Islamic theology. Islam does not teach killing invain; it equates the killing of even one innocent with killing of the whole mankind. These militants are actually Indian agents who have disguised themselves as the locals and are fighting against our security forces at foreign behest. They claim that they have ground assets in Swat but they mostly deal in Indian currency. They are part of an enemy conspiracy to demolish the castle of Islam. The time of negotiations with these militants is over. It is essential to take the hard steps against them now. -MARYAM AZIZ, Jhelum, via e-mail, August 6.