ISLAMABAD  - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said the 17th amendment in the Constitution had distorted the parliamentary system, which needed to be corrected. "The system envisaged by original 1973 Constitution of Pakistan is parliamentary democracy, but the 17th amendment has distorted it," the Prime Minister said in his meeting with a delegation of Senators at the PM House. He said the judges will be reinstated within a week. The PM stressed the need for correcting the changes in the wake of 17th amendment and ensure balance of power between the state pillars. "We have to correct it and strike a balance of power among various pillars of the state," the Premier said. Gilani emphasised the importance of independence of Election Commission and said that accountability should strictly distinguish from victimisation. He said there already existed a mechanism of accountability through various committees of the Parliament, to give more power to the people's representatives. "It will further help elimination of victimisation in this process," he said. The meeting also discussed overall political situation in the country and the pace of development projects in Balochistan.