KARACHI - The city council members have been divided on the issue of Pervez Musharraf's resignation and impeachment as the treasury members strongly supported Musharraf, while opposition members were against him and demanded that cases should be registered against him. The session presided over by Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil was marked by the speeches of pro and anti Musharraf policies. The opposition members echoed for hanging Musharraf while Haq Parast members support his policies.      The session also condemned the act of an Indian Hindi newspaper which published the fake pictures of holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Sahaba Akraam and also approved a resolution in this regard. The treasury member Salman Mujahid said that the funds related to the UC nazims could not be released in June due to which UC nazims were facing a lot of hurdles and failed to address the public problems.   The Sindh government is using delaying tactics in issuing of funds due to which UCs are not functioning properly and facing financial problems, he said.   Opposition member Jumman Darwan said that the Sindh government had issued orders of releasing Rs 0.2 million funds in June for UC nazims. But at the same time City Nazim Mustafa Kamal who had promised to give the allocated funds for UC nazims did not fulfilled his promise. Darwan warned that if the city government did not release the allocated funds of UCs then we prayed abolishing of local government system. The treasury member Mirza Afaq Ahmed said that Sindh government orders had been released for providing funds of June, but the announced funds did not transfer into the CDGK account.   Opposition member Abdul Raza said that on the departure of Pervez Mushrraf a resolution should be tabled to express solidarity and happiness on his resignation. He demanded that cases should be registered against him on the charges of Akbar Bugti murder case, killing of innocent students of Lal Masjid and others. "Mushrraf should not be left free." Opposition leader Saeed Ghani said that suicide bombing was the gift of Musharraf's regime otherwise suicide bombing was never ever happened in our country. "He was the only ruler who abolish Constitution twice and who did irreparable losses to the judiciary. History cannot forgive him." On that occasion, opposition members chanted slogans against Pervez Musharraf and demanded that Musharraf should be hanged. The council members express their anger over the publishing of fake blasphemous pictures of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) by a Hindi newspaper. The council session demanded the government of Pakistan to call the Indian ambassador and demanded him to give absolute punishment to the editor of Hindi daily newspaper and other involved persons.