LAHORE - Members from both sides of the political divide grilled Speaker Punjab Assembly over the delayed start to the proceedings of the Assembly. On Wednesday, the last day of the 8th session, the House started late by an hour and 50 minutes, that is, the proceedings were scheduled to start at 10 am, but the House initiated its working at 11.50 am. After the recitation of the Holy Quran and Naat, Treasury member Asif Manzoor Mohal, on a Point of Order, questioned Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan about the delayed start to the proceedings again. "Since when you have started marking my attendance?" quizzed bit agitated Rana Iqbal while saying that he was at the Assembly since 9.30am, and was doing official work. Asif Mohal retorted by saying that they had been present in the House since 10. "What is our fault if we have been here in-time?" he questioned the Speaker. Opposition's Ayesha Javed accused the Speaker for not running the House responsibly. "The House always starts late, and the Speaker is responsible for this. Mr Speaker You are the custodian of the House, and you should shoulder the responsibility of starting the proceedings in-time. For this, the Speaker must come to the House first and in-time," she maintained adding that female members were given less time in comparison to their male fellows. Treasury member Sajida Mir suggested the Speaker for taking action against those members, who disappear after marking their attendance, and did not take part in the proceedings. At this moment, many members from the Treasury and Opposition benches wanted to talk, but they were declined the opportunity. A member came up with a suggestion that the proceedings should be started in the afternoons. On this, after Speaker's instructions, Minister Law and Parliamentary Affairs Rana Sana Ullah assured the House that from the next session, proceedings would start in the afternoons. "In order to do so, the matter will be decided at the House Business Advisory Committee to chaired by the Speaker," he said. At 10 am on Wednesday, Treasury's Ch Ghulam Nabi, Sagheera Islam, Sajida Mir and Talat Yaqub, while Opposition's Ayesha Javed were present in the House. At 11.30 am, only 18 members were present, while Minister Ahmed Ali Aulakh left the House after sitting for a while prior to the start of proceedings. Whereas only 46 members were sitting when the recitation of the Holy Quran started. It was not for the first time since members have agitated against this, but not even once during the last 15 days, the proceedings had started in-time since August 6 - the day when the 8th Session started. The  earliest among the most delayed proceedings was on August 6 when the House started its working at 4:05pm instead of scheduled time of 3pm. Interestingly, this was the first day, while the most delayed was on Wednesday, that is, August 20, which was actually the last day of the 8th session. Considering the track record, on August 7, the house proceedings at 11:36 pm - an hour and 36 minutes late from its scheduled time; on August 8, the proceedings started at 10:25am - an hour and 25 minutes late; on August 11, the proceedings started at 4:37 pm - an hour and seven minutes late; on August 12, the proceedings started at 11.30 instead of 10 am; on August 13, the proceedings started at 11:10 am - an hour and 10 minutes late; on August 14, the proceedings started at 4.45 pm - an hour and 15 minutes late; on August 15, the proceedings started late at 4:20 instead of the scheduled time of 3.30 pm, on August 18, the proceedings started with a delay of an hour and 15 minutes. On the penultimate day of the 8th session, the House started its proceedings with a delay of an hour and 20 minutes, as the scheduled time was 10 am. Interestingly, on the last day, for the first time during the 8th session, Rana Iqbal chaired the proceedings for the whole day. Keeping up two more 'traditions' of the session, only three questions were discussed during the Question-Hour on the Livestock and Dairy Development Department, while Minister in-Charge of the Department Muhammad Iqbal Channar was grilled by the members due to incomplete and unsatisfactory answers.