LONDON  - A Chinese man has been reinstated as the world's tallest living male because a 'taller' Ukrainian refuses to be measured, Guinness World Records said Wednesday. Bao Xi Shun, who stands 2.36 metres (7 feet 8.95 inches) tall, had lost his title last year to Leonid Stadnyk, whose height was certified by a local doctor as 2.53 metres (8 feet 5.5 inches). But Guinness has changed its guidelines for the category and all pretenders to the title now have to be measured by an official adjudicator. Stadnyk had been crowned the tallest living human based on a statement from his doctor, but he has failed to respond to repeated requests from Guinness to officially measure him. Bao, who has been measured by Guinness, will therefore regain his title when the 2009 book of records is published on September 17 this year. Craig Glenday, Editor-In-Chief of Guinness World Records, said: "We are the global authority on world records and our obligation is to provide the public with the most accurate information possible. "According to our new guidelines, Leonid Stadnyk does not meet the criteria for the evidence required to support his claim, which is why we felt that it was only fair to rename (Bao) Xi Shun, whom we have measured in person. "We still hope to hear from Stadnyk " and anyone else in the world for that matter " so we can travel to meet him and officially measure his height."