KARACHI - Farhan Ali Agha, an exuberant, enthusiastic and well-committed idol of mini screen, is one of those artists who realise inadvertently, as for what they have been shaped. He was born in 1969 and entered into the sphere of showbiz with modelling in 1990, and his commitment and hard work led him towards the path of acting and he did his first play in 1996. I was a young under-graduate student that enjoyed physical activity at a local bodybuilding club. However, it was turning more than a hobby when I was selected as the 'Physical Instructor and stood runner-up in Mr Karachi bodybuilding competition, says Farhan. The tall, handsome, young man with muscular and well shaped physique, with no background of media involvement, when firstly viewed in an advertisement, clutched the hearts of many mounting advertisement companies of the country. I was not expecting that only by doing one ad for EBM, I would be provided a paved way to build my career in the electronic media. After grasping the skies of modelling, Farhan was offered to prove his capabilities as an actor. When I was contacted for the challenging new soap Jaal, by a private production house, my feelings were unexplainable, as the debut was ranging up to 100 episodes for me. However, I never performed even in any school or college tableau, he added. After reining the skies of modelling and acting, he did enjoyed the bulk of fame, glory and most importantly, confidence. Without any destined desire, I happened to be a part of media industry, so focused on 'trial and error methodology to gain experience. Amongst the starting performances in the field of acting, 'Dusri Duniya attested as a milestone for him. Agha adds, I really enjoyed the shootings of 'Dusri Duniya as they were held in America. Moreover, this was the stage, when I felt myself as a learning actor and later, I marked my own expectations at sky height. About PTV, Farhan expressed, PTV is an institution like for all the artists and people still like to watch its programmes. However, the national channel should come forward to compete the new era by adopting modern technologies. The calm, soft spoken and serious performer set new trends for the era. Among his many well-crafted plays are 'Tum Se Kehna Tha, 'Kismat, 'Apnoun Se Door, 'Dusra Aadmi, 'Chaudhvi Raat, 'Ghutan, 'Dil Diya Dehleez, 'Kat Putli and many others. Talking about the decline in quality production, he opines, We are not caring for quality, but running after the quantity. Moreover, we are following the culture of our neighbouring country blindly. We should focus to promote our culture and traditions and none other than the Pakistani channels can perform this job at best. Presently attached with 'Ar-Rehman Ar-Rahim network and institution, he unveiled his stronghold affiliations with society as a social reformer. Being a part of Ar-Rehman Ar-Rahim network, I am well satisfied, as this is what I was intrinsically requiring. My interaction with the localities filled the vacuum that I was exposed through my professional career. Talking to the people, listening to their problems and feeling the life the way they live, was somewhat inexpressible, he said. Farhan Agha has now attained a glorifying status in the field of media. He proudly says, Thanks To Almighty Allah, I am a successful man of today, have a loving family with an adorable wife and two kids. I enjoy the greetings as being an artist and it gives great pleasure to represent Pakistan anywhere in the world.