ISLAMABAD - India has yet to respond to the Foreign Offices request to share information on the terrorist attacks that are allegedly being planned in Pakistan, said Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in a discussion with journalists here on Thursday. The Foreign Offices request had followed Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs allegation at a recent Chief Ministers conference in New Delhi that his government had intelligence reports that new terror attacks on Indian soil were being planned across the border. Instead of being dismissive and simply rejecting these allegations, we decided to engage India and requested them to share that intelligence, the Foreign Minister continued. Since the two countries already have an intelligence sharing mechanism, he wanted the Indian leadership to stop playing to the gallery and share the said intelligence rather than making such announcements through the media. On another front, the Foreign Minister said that a conference was to be held on the 25th of this month in Istanbul. This conference wont be a pledging conference but will prepare the ground for a Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) conference in New York on the 24th of September. The latter conference is to be jointly chaired by US President Barak Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. Mr Qureshi said that the meetings would discuss not only the military operation in the Malakand Division but also the governments response to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) situation. Both of these, claimed Mr Qureshi, were successful and carried out with Pakistans own indigenous resources. These resources, already scarce in the best of times, could be augmented by the FoDP in this operation and future ones, which are costly both in economic and human terms. He said the government on the whole had spent about $ 800 million on the IDPs, not counting the private costs incurred by the good Samaritans in Mardan, Swabi and the rest of the country. The above-mentioned sum also does not incorporate military costs. The Foreign Minister said that in addition to aid for the people of the immediately affected areas, the US is also considering investing in the economy and energy sectors; experts evaluating possible cooperation between the two countries in the energy sector would have arrived yesterday (Thursday). When asked about the Afghan elections, the minister reiterated his governments desire for the democratic process in the country and maintained they would like to work with whoever has the mandate of the people of Afghanistan.