ISLAMABAD Like other internal bodies of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) the Academic Staff Association has also rejected the idea of establishing Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences (QASMS) under public-private partnership demanding that the bidding process for private proposals of the project should be cancelled immediately. In its meeting the association discussing the issue of public-private partnership unanimously resolved that the existing Department of Administrative Science should start its already approved BBA programme from Fall 2010 and the Department of Administrative Sciences should be upgraded to School of Management Sciences. It urged the university administration to cancel the bidding process for private proposals of QASMS immediately and any future plans regarding initiation of public-private partnership in QAU should first be discussed among the academic community and other related academic bodies. The teaching faculty urged the recommendations put forwarded by the think tank constituted by the Academic Council and asked the university administration comprising professors to look into the matter of QASMS and implement those recommendations in letter and spirit. The faculty members were informed that the think tank in its meetings had overwhelming consensus that QAU should not enter into private partnership regarding academic issues and the Department of Administrative Sciences should run BBA program. They emphasised that the university would earn much more than what it would earn with private partnership. The Department of Administrative Sciences faculty was called in the think tank meeting in which, it completely supported the idea and stressed that it had the willingness and capacity to run the programme. Majority of the members were of the view that if the university abdicated its academic authority to private concerns in the name of public-private partnership, it would certainly result in deterioration of the standards, badly affecting the teaching quality and will have adverse impact on the standing of the university. This would also harm the expansion of the existing Department of Administrative Sciences. They suspected that the private entrepreneurs were eyeing on 70-acre of the university land in the name of school but would usurp it like had already been done by PASTIC, NCP, SUPARCO and particularly PIDE. The members of the association lamented that the administration rather than trusting its own staff preferred outsiders with suspicious integrity and bad reputation. The faculty members also expressed profound dismay, grief and sorrow over the widespread casualties and destruction caused by floods. They unanimously decided to contribute two-day salary for this flood relief fund.