Karachi University is recognized as the premiere centre of learning and research in Pakistan. But for the last few years, it is facing a huge problem of lack of transport facilities. One understands that providing university transport to over 24, 000 students who come to the campus from various parts of city is impossible. But dilapidated condition of the few point buses that we do have is also unacceptable for a university of international standard. These point buses are often old, rickety, decrepit and overloaded. Most are 25 to 30 years old. Another problem peculiar to the KU buses, which is not to be found in buses anywhere else, is that the seats are made of steel. That makes for so 'rippingly uncomfortable rides especially in summer when the overload can cause some students to faint too. The holy month of Ramadan has been particularly uncomfortable for commuting students because the evening point buses have been terminated and the morning points have an added load to the existing overload. In each point bus, it is normal these days to have 200 students packed like sardines. With so many students trying to get into buses of such limited capacity, the sight of quite a few hanging on to gate rails for dear life is nothing unusual. That can cause an accident but dozens of students brave risk of serious injury on every sortie. It is may be asking for too much from the government and university officials to add some new and replace a few old buses but one must because that is the whole point of this letter. S. WAJAHAT HASAN, Karachi, August 17.