LAHORE FIFA President Joseph Sepp Blatter has expressed his sympathies with victims of the devastating flood in Pakistan and has assured humanitarian aid to help deal with the disaster. In a letter addressed to Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)s President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, Blatter said that he e was following news of the horrendous tragedy in Pakistan and would like to express his deep sympathies to the Pakistani people. FIFA has a social role to play throughout the world, one that extends beyond the boundaries of football. The organisation has the moral obligation to help build a better world and also to provide assistance in humanitarian operations. Such supportive gestures will never be forgotten said Faisal. The infrastructural damage caused by the floods is even more appalling than the dreadful damage caused to your country by the earthquake disaster five years ago. In the face of such tragedies, it is imperative that your country receives the supports of the international community, said Blatter. The number of people affected by the massive floods in Pakistan exceeds 13 million - more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The number of people affected by the floods is greater than the other three disasters combined, Faisal told. The PFF Chief will meet FIFA President during FIFA Disciplinary Committee Meet later this month and has planned the rehabilitation work which is being carried out for the survivors of this natural calamity. FIFA want to see smiles back on faces of those peoples affected by flood, without doubt the most destructive disaster in Pakistans history. FIFA is actively involved in disaster relief, assisting people and institutions in emergencies, and coordinating the solidarity work of the football family. FIFA supports the reconstruction of football infrastructure and helps those affected, particularly children and young people, to find their way back to normality. By making appeals for solidarity and staging benefit matches, FIFA raises funds from the football family and implements its own emergency assistance projects, said Faisal.