ROME/ISLAMABAD - Millions of livestock have been affected by the floods in Pakistan and are badly in need of food and medicine, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reported on Friday. Around 200,000 cows, sheep, buffalo, goats and donkeys have already been confirmed dead or missing but the final numbers will be much higher, possibly into the millions. Including poultry losses, millions of animals have already died with the entire poultry stock wiped out in some areas. FAO estimates that millions of surviving animals are now facing acute feed shortages, threatening generations of livestock. Many animals died because people had to leave them behind when they were rescued by the Pakistan military and other rescue services. You can put chickens, goats and sheep in the boat and take them with you but you cant take a buffalo or a cow, said Simon Mack, Chief FAO Livestock Production Systems Branch. The UN has asked for $5.7 million in emergency assistance for livestock and FAO has mobilised $1.4 million of funds for the procurement of feedstuff and for animal health vaccines. FAO will be asking for more money for this sector once the full scale of needs is clear.