Due to the illegal constructions by land mafia over drainages in district Rawalpindi and Cant areas with collusion of the district administration is posing threats of flooding during monsoon season. It has been learnt that active land mafia in Rawalpindi and Cant areas is taking illegal possession of major drainages including most prominent Nullah Lai, in the area and have make constructions over the water channels while district administration is paying no heed to the situation. The private housing societies have constructed illegal buildings across river Swan from Swan camp to Dhahgal village which has narrowed the river from both sides. The land mafia is constructing commercial and residential buildings across the river. Due to the illegal constructions the drainages have narrowed and floodwater or even sewerage water is unable to pass through the drainages If the situation would remain continue soon the drainages would become blocked and could cause high flood in the area.