ISLAMABAD Those affected by unprecedented floods in the countrys history are not only facing hardships of hunger, displacement, epidemic, but also facing increasing number of looting incidents. Living in a sense of hopelessness the deluge affectees are seized with fear and panic about their left over as looters in the garb of rescuers have started burgling in different areas of Southern Punjab. In one of such incidents when the affectees families after making great struggle, reached a safer place, the looters taking the advantage of their absence looted their house on boats and managed to sneak away from scene. The poor families were at their wits end when they found their house empty of any household item. Only in reported cases, some of the looters loaded livestock in trucks asking the afftectees to shift them at safer place and managed to flee the scene and were later found nowhere. While, in another case, household items including jewellery were stolen. These were only some of the reported cases in Southern Punjab while the unreported cases are in a large number and are increasing as the affectees have no proper place to keep their left over at the so-called safer places. Living in the house of sorrow such incidents are further aggravating our woes and worries, said a victims from Chowk Quereshi (Muzaffargarh). A person hailing from Kot Addu said that incidents of theft were on rise in the initial days of floods and they keep taking place even now-a-days. I have to be vigilant even for my buffaloes, sheep and other live stocks as many of animal theft incidents have occurred in my village, he added. Registering their complaints a group of people from these areas said that though proper patrolling was difficult under such circumstances, yet some checking mechanism by police should be there to deal such issues.