LAHORE - Former President Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf to make a strong entry into politics will wait for the outcome of the meeting of all the factions of Muslim League except PML-N to be summoned in Karachi after Eidul Fitr under the banner of PML-Functional. Insiders in Musharrafs All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) told this scribe on Friday that the former president was planning to hold a meeting in London with his like-minded political forces in September, but he might delay his meeting till the outcome of the moot of all Muslim League factions in Karachi after the Eid, as the Muslim Leaguers summit was likely to become a source of political strength for Musharrafs political show. Chief of PML-Functional Pir Pagara would call a meeting of all factions of Muslim League minus PML-N in Karachi after Eidul Fitr to deliberate over the possibilities of unification of various factions of Muslim League or the alliance of the said factions, while the number of the delegates of the meeting was likely to be nearly 150, asserted the insiders. Musharraf and Pir of Pagara will play an important role in the upcoming meeting in Karachi, while contacts with the leaders of various factions of Muslim League have already been initiated. Pir Pagara is likely to be the patron of the unified Muslim League or any such alliance comprising Leagues minus PML-N, while Musharraf will also be an important player in it and the PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) will be given an important position in the may-be unification or alliance of the Leagues. The retired general to make a major political show in London would wait for the outcome of the Karachi meeting, as the success of the Karachi moot would provide Musharraf several delegates for the formal launch of his political career from London, maintained the insiders. However, both of these meetings, in Karachi and London, may be delayed for sometime due to the flood disaster. It is to be mentioned here that Musharraf had announced in Dubai meetings that he would unveil his partys manifesto and date of his return from London in September this year. About the future of a recently formed political alliance comprising PML-Q (Like-Minded Group), PML (Functional) and PML (Zia), the insiders claimed that Humayun Akhtar Khan and others would ultimately join the ranks of Musharraf, while there was no room for Makhdoom Ahmed Meh-mood, President PML (Zia) Punjab chapter, to take a different line from Pir Pagara. Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmo-od held a Press conference along with Humayun Akhtar Khan and Ijazul Haq in Lahore sometime back without the prior permission of PML-F Chief Pir Pagara, as Mak-hdoom Ahmed informed Pagara about the Press moot after holding it. While, Pir of Pagara told Makhdoom Ahmed that if the later wanted to play the politics of Punjab then he should join the PML-N, as Nawaz Sharif was not a compulsion for him to practice politics in Sindh, asserted the insiders. Makhdoom Ahmed had ruled out any possibility of Musharrafs role in Pakistani politics, while his party chief reserves an otherwise opinion for former presidents role in the politics of the country. Regarding APMLs role in helping the flood victims, the insiders informed that Musharraf donated Rs 10 million for the disaster affectees, while the APML was also planning a major fund-raising campaign for the calamity-hit people. The APML has also set up fund-raising and relief goods collection camps in major cities of the country.