ISLAMABAD PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Friday, stressed the need to convene All Parties Conference for broader political consensus and strategising on relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction of flood-hit areas. This could only restore the trust deficit of the international community and people of Pakistan over governments performance, he added. He outlined his partys three-pronged strategy to counter the calamity situation after heavy floods across country while addressing a press conference at PML House. The government should immediately convene an APC to evolve consensus strategy by taking all the political parties on board as was done on military operation in Swat against militant forces. This moot should also announce a six-month ceasefire between all the political forces so that all political forces could get rid of political point-scoring and single-minded focus could be laid on devising a consensus strategy to counter the (calamity) situation, he said. Flanked by PML-Q party leaders Imtiaz Ranjha, Amir Muqam, Mustafa Malik, Mrs Farrukh Khan and others, Mushahid asked the government to demand of the world community to write off all foreign loans owed to Pakistan which stood around $54 billion as the country was in a disastrous situation and could not return those loans. Already, foreign loans of some countries have been written off and Pakistans case is very strong due to its frontline role in the war against terror. Moreover, due to its strategic geo-political situation, Pakistan today is an important world player. There are examples of African nations and Haiti whose loans were written off due to calamity situations. Loans of $40 billion of the African nations were written off by G-8, he added. Mushahid Hussain also called for establishment of a War Room in the federal capital to overview the entire relief, rehab and reconstruction work. He also asked the government to get all the afectees registered through NADRA for smooth, error-free and transparent aid to the flood affected people. He said the PML-Q was ready to assist the government in the calamity situation; however, it was time to take decisions rather than taking U-turns over decisions they make. PMs visit to flood-affected areas have now become a joke. He goes to the affected areas but he visits fake relief camps where fake people are provided funding and medicines and later the Prime Minister is contested by the media for visiting a fake relief centre, he remarked. He said due to corrupt practices of the government functionaries, neither the people of Pakistan nor the world community is ready to provide funds to Pakistan government. He saluted the national media for reaching out to the flood victims, saying that the world community had only been made cognizant of the catastrophe of the disaster - thanks to the active role of the media in reflecting the true picture of the calamity situation. President PML Khyber-Pakhtu-nkhwa Amir Muqam questioned the holding of independent donors conferences by provinces, saying seeking direct foreign aid from nations like India was dubious. The announcement by India to directly donate to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has sent a very wrong message across Pakistan. I think that foreign aid should route through center and no province should be allowed to seek foreign aid directly. This would bring anarchy and suspicions, he alarmed.