US Ambassador in Pakistan Ms Anne Patterson has done the generous bit, even if gratuitously. Ms Patterson has issued a credibility certificate to the PPP government saying that her country believes in credibility of Pakistan government and trusts it would be able to deliver in the prevailing havoc caused by recent floods. In this hour of trial, the government and people of Pakistan are united and determined to help their flood-stricken compatriots to the maximum, with or without the foreign assistance. But it is essential to point out that foreign aid is trickling in at a drip-slow pace. Perhaps the US Ambassador needs to tell this bit about credibility of our government to the world at large and may be even do a bit of talking to allied countries of United States. That would help do more about helping millions of Pakistanis stranded by this unprecedented calamity. Pakistanis, for Ms Pattersons information, are already smarting from US ally and British Prime Minister David Cameroons recent statement, that too on Indian soil, that Pakistan is exporting militancy and terrorism to other countries. One wonders if that has been a deterrent too in donor agencies and countries having second thoughts about contributing to the relief effort in Pakistan? Ms Patterson herself has been rather kind to Islamabad but her superiors in Washington not quite so. Perhaps, we should request her to convince her government to review its earlier decision about not entering into a civil nuclear technology deal with Pakistan, which she must know as envoy to Pakistan, is in desperate and dire straits as far as need to generate power from all sources is concerned. Needless to mention that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear power with a fool-proof command and control system in place at the appropriate level for effectively safeguarding its nuclear assets. -BILAL AHMAD KHAN, Lahore, August 18.