ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari Friday urged the business community to contribute in a big way and complement the Governments rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts for millions of people affected by the unprecedented floods in the country. While talking to the representatives of the countrys business community at Presidency, the President stressed that the Governments efforts for relief and rehabilitation needed to be supplemented by the private sector, civil society, philanthropists and especially the business community. According to the President, the world has never come across such a devastating catastrophe and such a huge level of destruction where approximately 14 million have been adversely affected. He said the people affected by the floods would have to be sustained for a long time. We as a nation should be prepared to sustain them for a long period and with unity we can overcome the problem, he added. He said the entire business community standing together could help the flood-affected people, as the tragedy was of a great magnitude and not within the capacity of any one individual, group, or even a government to handle. He said it was beyond the capability of the Government to provide relief to the millions stranded in thousands of square kilometres across the country. He urged the business community to extend a helping hand in whatever form they can to help the people stand on their own feet. While thanking those who have pledged support and provided assistance in the rehabilitation of the flood-affected areas, he observed that we have to mobilise our indigenous resources first and then look for the support of others. The President said that the devastation was huge but he vowed to rebuild the lost homes, damaged property and infrastructure in a better way. He stressed that the rehabilitation of affected areas would be made in a futuristic way keeping in view various important aspects like weather, environment and direction of the flow of the river.