LAHORE The Punjab government has notified Promotion Policy 2010, and its implementation will start from January 1, 2011. As per the policy, posts of BS-18 and below will be considered for promotion on 'performance-cum-fitness basis, where the seniority will be given precedence, whereas for posts of BS-19 and above, the basic bar will be of 'selection on merit basis. A break-up of 100 marks has been outlined, and officers with maximum marks will be given nod for promotion. Out of 100, performance evaluation reports carry 70 marks; while 15 each has been allocated for training done over a period of time during the intervening gap of one scale and the evaluation of the Provincial Selection Board. As per the Policy, for the post-BS-19, and above, these generally involve supervision, policy-making and extensive administrative jurisdictions. The PSB, while determining suitability of an officer, should give due consideration to the nature of duties, duration and location of posts held previously by the officer. The officers possessing well-rounded experience should normally be preferred, especially who had served with distinction in unattractive areas. In addition to the variety of experience, the incumbents must possess proven analytical competence, breadth of vision, emotional maturity and such other qualities as determine the potential for successfully holding posts of top management