KOTRI Misappropriation of government funds for the flood affectees have been reported from certain areas including Sukkur where the authorities are providing food to the flood-affected people. According to a local TV channel, Sindh govt has been releasing Rs7 million daily on account of supply of cooked food to the affected people camped in Sukkur. The government money is besides what the private parties, individuals and NGOs are spending. However, affectees in relief camps in Sukkur complained about lack of food and other basic needs. Rumours have already started floating that huge amount may be misappropriated or bungled. Civil society expressed concern on the report of misappropriation in government relief funds. They were of the view that on the one hand people of Sindh are suffering due to criminal negligence of Irrigation Department while on the other hand corrupt and unscrupulous elements in the government machinery have started plundering the relief funds.