Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KP) Amir Haider Khan Hoti said that relief efforts for the restoration and rehabilitation of flood affectees would take some time adding that the elected government of KP wouldn't ignore the people of the province at the time of their misery. Talking to a private TV channel here on Saturday, he said that this is the worst disaster in the history and the government working is working for the victims with the limited resources they have. He said that the rehabilitation of flood affectees is being carried out in the province but it would take time and reconstruction would take up to 3 years. He also emphasized that in the prevailing after flood situation, everyone should work united to tackle the challenge of floods devastations adding that the provincial government would compensate the flood victims and reconstruction of infrastructure and houses would basis. Chief Minister said that the provincial government has been doing its best to tackle the flood wreckages across the province. In Mingora 6 to 7 major power towers were swept away in floods and due to the endeavors of WAPDA officials in Mingora city the electricity was restored in 20 days He said provincial government has been carrying investigations against the DCOs, who were reportedly found to be derelict with their duties during the floods. Responding to a query, he said that the government wouldn't allow the banned outfits to take advantage from prevailing catastrophe and any banned Jihadi organization would not be allowed to carry relief activities in the province. He said that we need Rs 200 billion for restoration and the provincial govt has already released RS 1 billion as relief case.