MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia, hit by a record drought which has destroyed a quarter of its crops, has no plans to import grains this year, the agriculture ministry said Friday, rejecting reports it would do so. We do not plan to import grains, agriculture ministry spokesman Oleg Aksenov said. On Thursday, the Vedomosti daily, citing a source close to the top of the agriculture ministry, said Russia could import at least five million tonnes of grain, mainly from Kazakhstan. The report pushed grain prices sharply higher. Aksenov dismissed the report, saying: We are not in any negotiations with Kazakhstan. Until the current drought, Russia was one of the worlds top grain exporters but Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced a ban on foreign sales earlier this month as the harvest forecast was slashed. The export ban, which runs at least to the end of the year, helped drive grain prices to multi-year highs, sparking fears that food costs could soar and boost inflation. Putin said the export ban was meant to ensure grain prices were kept under control in Russia and on Friday Aksenov suggested that Vedomostis report could have been planted by dishonest people seeking to manipulate the market. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said recently the record drought, along with raging wild fires, had destroyed a quarter of this years harvest, which he put at 60-65 million tonnes compared with 97.1 million tonnes in 2009. Aksenov said that even this reduced harvest should be enough for domestic needs because the country still held reserves from last year. Russia exported some 21.4 million tonnes of grain in 2009, making it a major player in the global market.