MOSCOW (Interfax-AVN) The Indian Navy has received the Russian Nerpa nuclear submarine built at the Amur Shipyard on lease terms, a source in the defence industry said on Friday. The handover of the Nerpa nuclear submarine to India on lease terms was completed this week. All necessary documents have been signed, and the submarine led by an Indian crew headed toward the place of its next deployment - one of the Indian naval bases, the source said. In December 2009 the submarine underwent final trials and was supplied to the Navy, he recalled. Soon afterwards the Indian crew arrived and the procedure of the submarines handover to the Indian Navy began. The Nerpa submarine would have been supplied to the Indian Navy long ago, if it was not for the tragedy that happened on November 8, 2008, the source said. At the time, during the submarines sea trials 20 people aboard the Nerpa were killed because of the unauthorised activation of the fire suppression system. Another 41 people who were on board were immediately hospitalised. All in all, there were 208 people on board the submarine. Due to the incident, trials were suspended while the investigation was ongoing. According to Indian media outlets, the submarine Chakra (Nerpa) was leased to India for ten years. The contract is worth $650 million. The Project 971 Shchuka-B Nerpa submarine (NATO reporting name: Akula) is a third generation submarine. This projects submarines are made at two shipyards: the Leninsky Komsomol Plant, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and Sevmash. The submarine is armed with torpedoes, missile torpedoes and Granat Cruise Missiles with a firing range of 3,000 kilometers, which are launched from torpedo mounts. The submarines displacement is 8,140/12,770 tonnes, has a maximum speed of 30 knots, a maximum submersion depth of 600 meters, is self-sustainable for 100 days, and has a crew of 73 members. A total of 15 ships have been built under this project since 1984. Currently all Project 971 multi-target nuclear submarines are part of the Russian Navys Northern Fleet located in Yagelnaya Bay and Pacific Fleet located at the village of Rybachy.