Elizabeth Byrs, a spokesperson for UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has said that Pakistans 'image deficit is hindering raising of aid for flood-affectees in Pakistan. This is, indeed, a point to ponder for us. On one hand, we have these hordes of poor and helpless people washed on to our city roads with nothing in hand and everything lost in floods. On the other is our tainted image of the past because of our being in international news for no other reasons except 'Islamization and 'militancy in Pakhtun areas. That negative image is now hampering the collection of aid from international donors. The lack of transparency in spending of the massive aid that came in the wake of earthquake 2005 is another point of debate within the donors. The US and many European countries are coming forward with donations but United States has dedicated no more than $55 million for relief activity for now. UK, though, has announced 31.3 million for relief and recovery effort. We have to ensure this time that the aid coming from donors is used with great care and full transparency. -RASHID SALEEM, Islam-abad, August 17.