The havoc of floods from Karakorum to remote outposts of Sindh has been rightly attributed by some to ten percent rainwater and ninety percent corruption. That, coupled with the incompetence and lack of conscience of the decision makers, has destroyed Pakistan. The corrupt of this country had not even spared the 'opportunity of earthquake in Kashmir to mint billions in corruption from the aid that had been collected both from within and abroad. The tragedy was repeated all over again in the gobbling up of funds collected for the IDPs of Malakand. The rulers are not even shying off from selling every state sector plum, our family silver, for peanuts even if they have to first ruin these financially to buy on the cheep themselves later. So people are right in pointing out that almost the entire ferocity of current floods is due to a deliberate failure of the concerned authorities to manage the flood control mechanism. That they say is work of the high and mighty which, in order to save their own lands and properties, breached the canals, river embankments, bunds and levees of their choosing even if that meant ruining more than a hundred millions poor innocents. -MOHAMMAD ALI, Sahiwal, August 16.