Afghanistan has proved a graveyard for the superpowers in the past and is repeating its history. When USA invaded Afghanistan in 2001, it seems it forgot the lesson of history. America has been trapped in Afghanistan and is striving to get out of it. Afghans are a nation that never accepted the foreign occupation. The British tried to occupy it but were faced with failure. In the recent history we have observed the disintegration of Soviet Union at the hands of Afghans. History is now exactly repeating itself the same way. Americans are facing the worst situation in Afghanistan. USA wrongly assessed the power of Al-Qaeda and Taliban and considered them a soft target but today their war costs have outweighed their benefits. Now they are making efforts to negotiate with the same soft target (Taliban). To cover their failures they are busy in a blame game against Pakistan. In the near future it seems very clear that that USA will withdraw its forces from Afghanistan but it will not be easy for them to take such a big decision because it would also put the interests of some other countries at stake. The experience of the first decade against the war on terror shows that USA will leave Afghanistan without the elimination of Al-Qaeda and Taliban and Afghanistan would once again give practical shape to the famous saying of former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev that Afghanistan is a bleeding wound. SAJID MEHMOOD, Bannu, August 17.