The Chairman Ansar Burney Trust International and former Federal Minister for human rights, Ansar Burney on Sunday has announced to kick off a massive anti-corruption campaign and Anti-Terrorism movement after Eid. According to a press release, Ansar Burney has said that at present Pakistan was facing a dire and painful period in its history with rampant and continuously growing corruption and Terrorism destroying every fabric of our nation and any prospects of a decent future for our children and grandchildren. The politicians have joined hands and completely plundered this country to the brink of destruction. They have looted the treasury, bankrupted national institutions, sold off natural resources and even our sovereignty said Ansar Burney. The people have no food or water, no shelter, no electricity, no education, no healthcare, no jobs and no security. Every basic necessity has been stolen from us as a result of rampant and unchecked corruption." Burney added. Look where we stand today, the very people we elected to protect us, are the people now responsible for dozens of dead bodies across the country. Murderers and plunderers now hold most important posts in the country. added Burney. We have unimaginable violence now spreading all over the country between those holding power and those wanting it all for the sake of a further opportunity to plunder the nation that little bit more. It is now up to the civil society to take steps to rid the country of this evil before it is too late; and the Ansar Burney Trust announces to kick start a massive anti-corruption campaign and movement following Eid as a first step towards saving our country. The purpose is to bring the nation together and make a stand that corruption will no longer be tolerated; and to expose the corrupt, whether they are in politics, our bureaucracy, education institutions, law enforcement agencies, businesses, charities, sports or even the judiciary. "We urge the nation to stand together in this common cause." Ansar Burney requested with the Nation and Country loving elements.