OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Capital City Police Officer Ahmad Raza Tahir on Saturday said that security arrangements for peaceful commemoration of Youm-e-Shahdat of Hazart Ali (RA) had been finalised. According to him, steps have been taken to ensure vigorous monitoring of all routes and places of procession and Majalis, whereas, thorough checking would be ensured to ward of any act of terrorism. According to an official handout, the CCPO also appealed to the organisers to arrange for video recordings of Majalis and processions, and requested participants to disperse at the end of the event in a gradual manner to avoid overcrowding. Tahir also ordered the police for installation of search lights on the routes of places of processions and Majalis on roof to keep the surrounding well-lit. He also said the organisers should also check women participants of processions and Majalis, with the help of women volunteers, along with ensuring alternate electricity arrangements in the shape of generators and UPS. Tahir also directed that the parking of vehicles and motorcycles ought to be made well away from Majalis and processions, while any vehicle with tinted glasses or without number plates ought to be informed about to the police.