A newborn baby girl shocked her parents with her first smile minutes after she was born - because she had two fully formed front teeth. Normally, the first teeth dont come through until the infant is aged between six months and one year but little Summer Whelan was born with two pearly white incisors in her lower gums. Her parents Karen and Andy, from Wallsend in Newcastle, have already booked her into the dentist for the first time - even though she is less than a month old. The 7lb 1oz baby was born at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary on July 20. Summers toothy grin is a family trait as her grandmother, 76-year-old Shirley Burnit, who lives in Howdon, North Tyneside, was also born with two front teeth. Her proud mother, Karen, 31, said: 'It was really funny, when I went into labour Andy was telling me and my mam about how his mam was born with two front teeth. We were just laughing at him, but as soon as Summer was born, she was crying and I was shouting: Shes got two front teeth. 'The midwife was not taking too much notice, but the next morning, about 12 hours later, we were told she would have to go to the dental hospital. Everything was fine, and Summer is beautiful and as good as gold. MO