Several political and business community leaders have demanded military action in Karachi to stop unending bloodletting in Pakistans financial capital. It seems that no serious effort is being made to control an unending violence in Karachi where three parties ruling Sindh nurture discordant opinion over micro and major issues. The three major political parties in Karachi PPP, ANP and MQM - have joint responsibility to ensure safety, protection of life and property. How serious they are in this one of the most important challenges being faced by Pakistan. Situation in Karachi warrants a human approach, a nationalist approach, a real political solution, a religious approach, an approach which brings about peace and harmony between linguistic, sectarian and intra-party groupings. Roman General Cornelius Flavius Silva Josephus during his Masada Campaigns against the Jews had commented: Do not whip slaves to death. They should be well fed so that they serve you better. Flavius Josephus wrote first work, the Jewish War, in Aramaic, and presented it to Vespasian between 75 and 79. An assistant translated it into the language of scholars of his days, Greek. This second edition was dedicated to Titus, who had become emperor in 79. The seventh book of the Jewish War, which describes the fate of the Jewish prisoners and the fall of Masada, is a later addition. What Karachi is for Pakistan? City of the founder of Pakistan. City which serves as a life-line of the country. A city which had marvelous growth but ethnic and sectarian disharmony coupled with fiddling by the hostile intelligence networks have destabilised Karachi for a long time. A brief look into the region reveals that Karachi has the potential to emerge as next Mumbai or Dubai. But will the regional players like to see Karachis emergence as a City of Lights? Traders of death who have been operating in Karachi since 1994 will not have bigger gains at the end of the day. They kill people in a brutally because they were trained for this dirty, filthy, bloody and un-Islamic profession. Their acts generate nothing but fear. I need not to go in history of Karachis violence but I can only say to the readers that this bloody game was unfolded at the behest of British government when the great empire was about to vacate Hong Kong and the proposed Jinnahpur was considered second Hong Kong for Her Majestys government. Sayed Jamaluddin in his book 'Formation of Jinnahpur Republic writes: Divide Pakistan to eliminate terrorism and he proposed disintegration of Pakistan and formation of six new states in South Asia in order to crush the terrorist networks currently nourished and supported by the military regime of Pakistan. In line with this proposal, the author has written this new book to highlight the possibility of formation of Republic of Jinnahpur in the southern part of Pakistan. In the opinion of author, the Urdu-speaking nation living without an identity for the last 60 years under military siege of the Pakistani army should be freed from such a situation. He, therefore, suggests that in accordance with internationally accepted principles of self-determination and right of freedom, the Urdu-speaking nation living in Pakistan should get their own independent country called Republic of Jinnahpur. Syed Jamaluddin proposes start of a massive campaign for liberation of Urdu-speaking people from the military and feudal monarchy of Pakistan. Some questions arise in this situation are: Karachi does not belong to Urdu speaking people who call themselves Mohajirs. Why Mohajirs and not Pakistanis even after the lapse of 64 years of their migration from India to Pakistan? Karachi, being the capital of Sindh, also belongs to the Sindhis, Pashtuns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who have made major contribution to the Karachis physical development. The Makranis offer main labour force for the Karachi port, the Baloch have their stakes besides the Agha Khanis, Parsis, Hindus and Memons who are major owners of the Karachis big business houses. How come this metropolis is held hostage by few gunmen who dictate their terms? Unfortunately Karachis police and Rangers have been sucked into dirty cesspool of short term political expediencies and comfort of successive rulers who do not deal with Karachi as a future and present economic life line of Pakistan. Now when the PPP, ANP and MQM have their fingers in the grub they must not slaughter the hen which lays golden hen. If at all and a final decision has to be made about Karachi peace it will be made in all seriousness by three As - Asif Ali Zardari, Altaf Hussain and Asfandyar Wali Khan. After an alliance forged by the PPP with the MQM during the last three and a half years, it remained at the case of MQMs come and go from the government. The MQM has its governor at the helm of affairs and he appears helpless in resolving the issues. He must act under the Constitution and without any malice for resolving the chronic problems. History seldom provides opportunity to individuals to make great achievements. Second player in the game is our dear Lionel Richie - Rehman Malik, the Interior Minister. His role remains dubious in seeking a final solution of Karachi. At times he appears His Masters Voice for President Zardari and at times he behaves like a real spokesman of Altaf Hussain. Agenda of Rehman Malik is no more blurred. If he is serious, his persuasive capabilities can ensure reducing the temperatures and bring about a sustainable peace in Karachi. Mr. Rehman Malik stop fiddling - Karachi is burning. Stop yanking at the military. You have sufficient tools to do the job.