There is massive need for an expanded cadet college policy, as cadet colleges are doing a great job, in their existing campuses and should be encouraged, as witnessed by the exam results of Sanghar Cadet College Sindh, from where 6 students secured the top 10 positions in SSC Part 11 and top 7 positions in HSC Part 11. Students here are not only excelling in academics, but are also being well groomed, to be better members of Pakistani society. The government needs to encourage and fund more cadet colleges, in fact there should be at least one cadet college per district, of Sindh and Pakistan. This will also strengthen national uniformity and unity and will also give the brightest children of each district fair chance to come forward and excel in future. In addition to more cadet colleges, spread evenly all over the country, the capacity and quality of existing Cadet Colleges should also be doubled, and extra necessary funds should be provided by government for this to each of the existing Cadet College, in this year budget so that this can be implemented promptly. I would urge the government and all provinces CMs and Minster for Finance to urgently allocate required funds for setting up of at least one Cadet College in each district, of Sindh and Pakistan, in this year 2011-12. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, August 18.