WASHINGTON (APP) - Pakistan lies at the heart of tremendous trade prospects between Central and South Asia and Pakistan-India relationship will also be integral to realising regional economic integration, a senior US official said. In an interview with Voice of America, US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Marc Grossman envisioned a day when goods will move back and forth from Central Asia to India, through Afghanistan, through Pakistan. One of the things that we will like to work on more over the next few months and years is to increase the amount of trade and investment in the whole region - this concept of a new Silk Road of an economic region integrated from Central Asia all the way to New Delhi - maybe even to Bangladesh. Who is at the centre of that? The centre is Afghanistan and Pakistan, Grossman said. What will that do? It will increase jobs. It will increase the capacity of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan to make choices about their own lives in the economic sphere. I think thats extremely important - market access, more goods, more investment, more jobs - these are things that are extremely important to both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Another important part here, he noted, is the relationship between India and Pakistan, because clearly, as goods and services and people move up and down this Silk Road, they also need to move successfully between India and Pakistan. He appreciated the work the Indian and Pakistani commerce ministers have recently done together as very positive. On US-Pakistan relations, he said, Pakistan and the United States have had a relationship for a long time. Like in all relationships, sometimes its better, sometimes its worse. But our job now is to see if we cant get back to basic principles between Pakistan and the US. When I was there a few weeks ago, it seemed to me that the foundation for Pakistan-US relations is that Pakistanis and Americans can find shared interests, and then act on them jointly. I think that if we can follow that philosophy, well do ourselves some good. The special envoy applauded President Asif Ali Zardaris decision to legalise political parties for the first time in Fata. Obviously, the way Pakistan organises its own government is its business. As far as I am concerned, I think that the increased amount of democracy in Pakistan, more political parties, more integration of that part of Pakistan into the rest of that society has got to be a positive thing. We have supported the civilian government there and the efforts they are making politically, economically, democratically to move Pakistan forward. About the fight against Qaeda in the region, Grossman remarked that the killing of Osama bin Laden in May has thrown an opportunity to now finish the militant organisation. What is that going to take? It is going to take a huge amount of cooperation from Pakistan, from Afghanistan, from countries all around the world. This is really our opportunity now to defeat this organisation. About prospects of Afghan reconciliation, the envoy said Islamabad expressed its support for an Afghan-led process and the upcoming Istanbul and Bonn conferences will be important for making progress on the issue. Theres one other important aspect of Istanbul and Bonn; that is the relationship between those two conferences and Pakistan, and also the relationship between Pakistan and India. In both places, we hope that Pakistan will continue to be in support of Afghan reconciliation. One of the most interesting developments over the past few months has been the point that the Pakistan government has made to support Afghan reconciliation. Youll recall when the Pakistani officials visited Kabul on April 16, they supported Afghan reconciliation, and they also proposed a core group of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the US to meet together and talk about reconciliation. Weve met four times. I hope well meet here in New York over the next few weeks again. So both in Istanbul and in Bonn, I hope the Pakistan government will continue its support for Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation.