With lives lost, people homeless, villages flooded and crops destroyed Pakistan seems to have gone back to its wretched state of last year when devastating floods affected the existence of millions. This year has been no different. With the threat of more rain to come over the next few days disaster management experts have predicted doom and gloom for the inhabitants of southern Pakistan, especially Sindh, which is an agriculturally rich area. The world must act quickly to ensure that another humanitarian catastrophe is avoided. Relief in all forms should be offered to the unfortunate victims in order to provide respite from their suffering. The victims of last years floods are still living in relief camps and with the authorities failing to come up with preventive measures against the destruction this year, the problem has been exaggerated. The immediate fallout from this calamity will be a food crisis with hectares of farmland destroyed by flood waters. This is going to have a negative impact on the countrys economy and trade deficit as Pakistan will be forced to resort to import of food grains despite the affected area being the epicentre of agriculture. The government of Pakistan must ensure its citizens well-being. The world must not stop in its efforts either. Gulf News