Right from the inception of Pakistan till today, not even a single effort has been made by the authorities concerned to make education system of the country a really accountable one. And this, undoubtedly, has been the major reason for the worst ever results in our education system. Had our education system been made accountable right from the outset, things would have been far better today. If we sincerely want to see positive and concrete results in our education system, then we must make accountable all those persons who are found negligent in their assigned official duties. In schools right from a teacher to a Headmaster of the same, everyone should be held accountable. In a similar manner, no one should be spared in a college (from a lecturer to a principal) for his/her committed misdeeds. At the administrative level, all the field officers of education department in districts and from Section Officer to a Secretary/Minister of the education department in the Secretariat must be held responsible for their done misdeeds in their respective official capacities. Only then we will be able to bring some sort of positive transformation (if not the complete one) in our education outlook. Otherwise, we all further be lamenting and crying over our current rotten education system. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, August 20.