US Senator John McCain is too naive to say that Kashmir conflict was an internal matter of India while at the same time ruling out any possibility of interference by the United States. Yet he stated that till such time the issue is resolved, there is no possibility of peace in the South Asian region. One is forced to remind the American leader that the United Nations Security Council passed two resolutions accepting it as a disputed territory between two independent states and proposed that India should facilitate holding of a plebiscite under auspices of the world body. One would also like to remind Senator McCain, his countrys President Barack Obamas commitment in his inaugural address that Kashmir conflict should be resolved through international efforts. McCain who just concluded his visits to Pakistan and Indian-held Valley, at a press conference, also rightly observed that without resolving the issue of Kashmir, Pakistan and India could not live in peace. We understand that Senator McCain was not speaking as a free man rather he was just trying to please Indian leadership in line with changed US policies towards India which it is propping up as counterweight to China. Kashmir is an international issue and a nuclear flashpoint and the world community must deliver on its responsibility to ensure that Kashmiris exercise their right of self-determination.