Stageline, a top-seller across the world, launches an excellent cover foundation with a natural finish. The makeup is of high quality and depicts have wide range of shades according to the Pakistani environment. Made of silicones and pigments of mineral origin it is perfect for high definition. Contains vitamin E (protects against free radicals), extract of barley (allergy free, non irritant) & SPF 15 suitable for all skin types. Hi-Definition cover is available in 3 colours. Stageline professional is one of the most unique and prolific Spanish cosmetic makeup ranges that has been in business for 75 Years-5 Continents-500 million customers and counting. Stage line Cosmetics products are created from treated pigments with active ingredients to benefit and care for the skin which means it treats your skin over an extended use and assists in the getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin supple and healthy. This is one of the very few make up brands in the world thats does this. PR