Federal Minister for Commerce, Makhdoom Amin Fahim has floated a strange idea by telling the nation that trade with India is a compulsion. To achieve this objective, he would be visiting New Delhi next month. During his visit, according to him, he would be meeting his Indian counterpart, in an attempt to explore ways and means to start a two-way trade process. It is hard to understand what has prompted Makhdoom Sahib to be so keen to start trading with India keeping aside all the long-standing disputes, conflict and difficulties that have kept the two South Asian states at loggerheads with each other. Did anyone bother to review whether such a trade would be to the benefit of India alone or Pakistan would be able to reap some yield too? Starting trade with India may lead to complete destruction of our industries which are already facing a serious crisis due to various reasons including shortage of energy besides heavy taxation imposed by the government. Can we allow New Delhi to derive all benefits finding a huge market for its products? Ministry of Commerce appears to have not spent an hour to assess the situation. Are we doing everything that the US or International Monetary Fund are asking us to do? Why are we showing such a haste to enter into trade ties with New Delhi without any commitment from Indian leadership to resolve the sensitive issue of Kashmir? Makhdoom Sahib must take ground realities in mind before showing any haste to start trade with India.