US Special Envoy Marc Grossman has said that the killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad gives us the opportunity to now finish Al-Qaeda. In an interview to US TV, Grossman said Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries all around the world extend cooperation to defeat al-Qaeda. He said US supports democracy in Pakistan, adding that every time increasing the influence of democracy would decrease the influence of extremism. To a question, Grossman said obviously, the way Pakistan organizes its own government is its business. As far as Im concerned, I think that the increased amount of democracy in Pakistan, more political parties, more integration of that part of Pakistan into the rest of that society has got to be a positive thing. Weve supported the civilian government there and the efforts theyre making politically, economically, democratically to move Pakistan forward. That decision is really for Pakistanis to make. But I think every time you can increase the influence of democracy, you decrease the influence of extremism. The US special envoy said he was optimistic that Pakistan would support reconciliation process in Afghanistan, adding that over the past few months Pakistan has supported Afghan reconciliation process. About the kidnapping of US national Weinstein, he said the idea that anyone would come and kidnap him I think is just outrageous. We have not heard anybody claim responsibility for this. But what I can tell you is we have received excellent cooperation from the Pakistani authorities.